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How a Gas Furnace Works

Forced Air Gas Furnace Service For most Twin Cities homeowners, the forced-air heating and air conditioning system in their homes is something of a mystery. Today’s high-efficiency gas furnaces operate reliably and quietly, usually in the basement, and get noticed only when they aren’t working properly. The homeowner sets the desired temperature on their thermostat and that’s it, except for changing the filter occasionally. The house stays comfortable and the central heating and cooling system often can’t even be heard in well-insulated homes. As a leading residential heating service company in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we believe that understanding more about this equipment can be very useful, so we’re glad to provide this brief guide to explain how your gas furnace works. Here’s a step-by-step description of the basic operation sequence:

Designed for Safe Operation

The controller board monitors every operation of a gas furnace. Any time an error is detected, the system shuts down for safety reasons. Depending on the brand and model, the nature of the error may be stored as an error code by the circuit board and can be recovered by a technician. In other models, the technician uses a manual diagnostic process to determine the cause of ignition failure. For the homeowner, though, most problems will be noticed when the furnace stops heating the home. That’s when to call a reliable, trusted HVAC contractor like our award-winning company.

Expert Gas Furnace Diagnosis and Repair Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Only fully trained, experienced technicians should handle home-heating problems. Handymen and homeowners should never attempt to repair any gas furnace, for obvious safety reasons. As a leading home heating and cooling contractor in the Twin Cities, our team of highly trained, certified HVAC technicians has the long experience needed to handle any problem with your heating system, regardless of brand. When you call us, we’ll respond quickly, diagnose the problem, and give you an accurate, competitive cost estimate for the repair. With your approval, we’ll fix the problem efficiently and correctly. For many repairs, any needed parts are already in our service van. Restoring your heating quickly is our priority. Call us anytime, even on weekends or at night.