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Gas Furnace Ignition Problems Are Common in Twin Cities Homes

Furnace Ignitor Replacement Any time your gas furnace isn’t working, the most likely issue is a problem with the ignition system. Even though it’s never a good thing when there is no heat in your house, ignition problems are almost always easy to diagnose and repair for our highly trained, experienced HVAC technicians. Best of all, fixing such problems costs much less than many other problems with residential natural gas furnaces. Most components of ignition systems are very affordable and our technicians normally already have the replacement parts in their service vans when they come to your house. That means that when you call our Minneapolis heating company, we can usually diagnose and fix your system quickly and at a lower price than you might expect.

Typical Gas Furnace Ignition System Components

The ignition system is made up of several components. All are part of a system that is designed with safety in mind. They’re all interconnected, so that if one component fails, the heat will not be on. The basic components include:

Diagnosing and Repairing Heating System Problems

When a furnace doesn’t start, the problem is in the ignition system in the vast majority of cases. The experienced technicians with our Minneapolis St. Paul heating and air conditioning company use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to quickly identify the defective component. If your heating system is relatively new, built-in diagnostic features on the controller board will indicate which component stopped working. On older models, each component can be tested quickly. Once the defective component is identified, replacing it restores the furnace to proper operation.

A defective ignitor, flame sensor or draft detection sensor causes the most common problems. Most likely, replacement parts are already in the technician’s van, ready to install. Other components are usually immediately available at a nearby local HVAC supplier. Except for controller boards, replacement parts are not expensive and the repair can be made quickly at a low cost. Your heat will be restored in most cases soon after our technician arrives.

Fast, Trusted Furnace Repair Services – Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area

When you call our Minnesota award-winning furnace service company for any problem with your home heating, we know that it’s important to get your furnace working quickly. We’ll schedule your service call as soon as possible and dispatch one of our experienced professional technicians. He’ll diagnose the problem and give you a clear explanation of exactly what’s wrong. He’ll also give you an accurate estimate of the cost for the repair. With your approval, he’ll get the job done efficiently. As our over 35,000 satisfied customers already know, we never sell unneeded services or overcharge our customers. Call us anytime, even during the evening, on weekends or on holidays. We’re always here to provide the very best service you’ll find anywhere in the Twin Cities.